This mascara is amazing and the results are exactly what I was looking for. Easy to apply. Stays on with no flaking until you take it off. It doesn't come off with just water but does come off easily with makeup remover or just face wash and warm water. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to add some length to their lashes!!  Amazing!!!!!


Fantastic Product, this is my second purchase and I love this mascara. I've tried more expensive versions and they are nowhere as good as this. It doesn't crumble or flake and stays on all day. My lashes are rubbish and this mascara makes them long and visible. I don't go out without using it. This is my mascara of choice.


When I turned 50 I noticed my lashes were beginning to fall out. It had gotten to the point where I had obvious bald areas on both eyes. Horrified I tried conditioning with every oil imaginable. I used lash conditioners, etc. Nothing worked. I decided Simply Naked Beauty Lash Science Gold. THIS MASCARA HAS BEEN LIFE CHANGING!!! I immediately fell in love with this mascara! It went on beautifully, never clumping and it was truly waterproof. After about 3 weeks I started noticing my lashes were coming back, and after 4-5 weeks I noticed they were actually getting longer than I’ve ever had. The only thing I have done during this time is use this nourishing mascara. It alone has brought back my lashes and they are beautiful. I will NEVER use anything else – EVER