SNB - Organic Castor Oil

SNB - Organic Castor Oil

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Your Lashes and Brows will love you for it!

  • NATURAL EYELASH GROWTH SERUM - If you have been looking for a natural lash growth serum look no further! Pure Castor Oil has long been natures potent hair growth oil!
  • PURE - This ONLY contains 100% Cold Pressed Castor Oil to preserve all the nutrients. We keep our castor oil organic as well so no other chemicals could have entered the product. We also dont water down or mix with cheaper oils.
  • RESULTS - You will immediately notice how much healthier and nourished your eyelashes and eyebrows will feel.  Over time the natural lash and brows will grow and be healthier. 
  • EASY TO APPLY - This nourishing oil is naturally thick so it wont run easily. Comes with mascara spoolies for your brows, thin brushes for your eyelash and an ointment dropper. 
  • DO IT FOR YOU - Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes will love you for it! Castor oil is a natural brow and lashfood that will keep them happy and healthy!

Organic Castor oil contains lots of yummy and beneficial nutrients for your eyelashes and eyebrows. Adding Castor Oil to your make up routine promotes eyebrow and eyelash growth by giving them what they need to grow and also repairing damage done to them.

Cold pressed castor oil is the best as it still retains the natural nutrients that the earth put in it!

Castor Oil is especially important if you ever get a lash lift / lash perm or any other beauty treatment on them.

Lash lifts, eyelash extensions, brow laminations and tints etc look AMAZING but do contain some strong chemicals to work. Adding this oil to your routine helps repair some of the damage from those treatments.

Your lashes and brows help you look GORGEOUS, now is the time to help them back!